Online Practices of Kinetic Typography

During my COVID-19 lockdown at home, I had a great time learning much more about kinetic typography from Borja Holke (Instagram: @holke79) online at Domestika. All animations are based on his video lessons and are made from Adobe After Effects & Cinema 4D (+ Premiere Pro for one). I must admit that learning this course online is exciting and fun! If you want to learn about creating animating typographic compositions, this will be my best recommendation for you. His videos are Spanish, but luckily, they have English subtitles to understand what Borja's saying. The link to the online course is:

Kinetic Typography Exercises

Roll (Down)
It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)
Sans & Serif
Retro (Black)
Twist & Turn (Black)

Final Project (+ Animated Poster)

Before my final project, I created an animated poster of Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO, based on the inspiration of the movie's title sequence made by Saul Bass. And for my final project, I thought about joining Borja's challenge to recreate the title sequence of PSYCHO (the 1998 version) called #PsychoMotionChallenge. I may have had a chance to win a book about Saul Bass, but luckily, as an honorary winner, I won a copy of the Vertigo poster, designed by Saul Bass himself! And by reflecting on my experience in learning how to make words move in Adobe After Effects & Cinema 4D, it's quite an exciting challenge for me, and I enjoyed it! Thank you, Borja Holke, for giving me lessons and tips on how to create kinetic typography.

Other Projects

The artwork shown on this page is just a sample of my work. To see more, please visit... 

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