Creative Coding

A Negotiated Study during MA

Dynamic Graphics

Enjoy the following images created in the creative coding software, p5.js, and Processing.


We Are Caged in Simulations Electronic Universe
The Fractal Eyes beLIEve

Interactive Graphics

Please click and drag your mouse on the following images to interact with them.


Click to create a new flow pattern.


Click and hold to draw. To start over, press BACKSPACE.


Move your cursor around the display — Press ALT to toggle another style.


Type in your own words before deleting the original message.

Escape Velocity

After researching and studying how to make generative designs from creative coding, I thought about creating a new typeface using one of them. The tension between brushstrokes and an autonomous agent “defines the size and position of the elements when drawing.” First, I used p5.js code to draw a complete set of generatively written letters and numbers. Based on these drawings, I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the typeface Escape Velocity based on the Chemical Brothers' song, which has the same name. The beauty I find in the typeface reminds me of the song. It is still a work in progress, but I hope to get it out in the open someday.


My Terra Incognita

I took an online workshop hosted by Studio Dumbar’s motion designer Elvin van Dalen and creative coder Sander Sturing. The assignment was to create a piece based on the phrase Terra Incognita. It's Latin for “unknown land” and “a term used in cartography for regions that have not been mapped or documented.”  I knew that I wanted to create a landscape. One bit “creates a terrain like mesh based on noise values,” and the other draws “the path of an intelligent agent.” I used the meshy terrain code to create the effect of vibrating mountains, like the album cover of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, and layered screenshots from the second bit of code to create a fractured and webbed sky. As discussed, I used these elements in Adobe After Effects, making the animated piece shown on the left. The completed work reminds me of album covers.

Special Projects of Art & Design

Creative CodingUniversity Project

Kinetic TypographyMotion Graphics

BA Graphic Design ProjectsUniversity Project

Google DoodlesUniversity Project

#YouAreNotAloneBlueUniversity Project



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