The Practice of Kinetic Typography

These practices and final projects are based on the lessons taught by Borja Holke in his online course in Domėstika, Animation for Typographic Compositions, at beginner and advanced levels using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D (Lite & Trial Version). 

Beginner Practices



The #PsychoMotionChallenge was hosted by Borja, and it is to recreate the title sequence of PSYCHO (the 1998 version) and win a book about Saul Bass. But before that, I created a moving image poster of the 1960 version. This poster is based on the inspiration of the movie's original title sequence created by Saul Bass. And in my title sequence concept, I've used the same elements from the kinetic poster I designed. After the submission deadline was reached, I did not win the book, but I have won an honorable designer. 

Reflecting on my first experience in learning how to make words move in Adobe After Effects & Cinema 4D, it's quite an exciting challenge for me, and I enjoyed it!

Advanced Practices


THE 1975 - People (Live at Manchester / Lyric Video)

This is my final project for the complete courses of "Animations for Typographic Compositions” by Borja Holke. After creating a motion designed ad of The 1975's music era, "Music for Cars," I had a thought about what I've planned before taking the online courses. Ever since I was about to see the band in the Manchester Arena again, I've been planning on turning a recorded performance video into a motion lyric composition for fun. I decided to record The 1975 performing the song People because it is based on how messed up the human species are in life. The style of the lyrics I've recreated is based on the song's official lyric video and stage visual. And as for the recorded video, I used Glitché to make the video go wild to the music's rhythm and tone. So, I hope you like it and enjoy the motion graphics I created.

WARNING: The following performance contains flashing images & strong language.

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