BA Graphic Design Projects

Project 1 - #GraffitiMusic

#GraffitiMusic is a poster design project based on the combination of music and art in an urban environment. The purpose of this project is to express popular music genres using typographic graffiti stencils. Using these laser cut stencils, spray paint would be applied to transfer the graffiti onto the printed posters that feature popular song lyrics from multiple music genres. The first design drafts included photographs of city walls in Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent with each genre's complete song lyrics. I decided to select and update four posters for the final designs by removing the wall backgrounds, including the songs’ famous choruses. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak interfered, and I was forced to complete the project by “spray-painting” the stencils digitally.


Project 2 - #DisabledLivesMatter

#DisabledLivesMatter is a short cinematic graphic design advertisement expressing experiences of twelve different disabilities. One plan was to feature quotes from celebrities who have been diagnosed with a disability. However, I chose to feature statistics about each disability. In the future, I would like to create a campaign of awareness, kindness, support, and empathy for disabled people to build hope, happiness, and the respect people with disabilities deserve. Connecting people is essential as there are about one billion people who live with disabilities worldwide - one-seventh of the earth’s population.

Project 3 - #SmartEnergyMeters

#SmartEnergyMeters is a 3.5-minute moving image campaign design that “transforms” any smartphone, tablet, or computer into a smart meter display. The display shows a home’s current energy measurements and total consumption - allowing the owner insight into costs and budget. At the bottom, the information box displays the hashtag campaign name, the statistical results of smart meters as products, and their personal & national benefits. The video will only be viewed and posted on social media as advertisements of its included brand, Smart Energy GB (aka the Campaign for a Smarter Britain). The ads will also provide the link to their official website when posted to the general public.

Special Projects of Art & Design

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