A short cinematic graphic design video with twelve animated typography expressing the experiences of twelve selected disabilities to show empathy.
#DisabledLivesMatter is a short cinematic graphic design advertisement-based animated typography expressing experiences of twelve different disabilities. One plan was to feature quotes from celebrities who have been diagnosed with a disability. However, I chose to feature statistics about each disability.
This project is something special for people with disabilities, including me. Living with a disability can be difficult, but there are reasons for it:

1. When you live with a disability, you may act, look, or feel different.
2. Some disabilities are impossible to fix.
3. Some diseases, including cancer, can count as disabilities.
4. Some people think that some disabilities are human viruses to them.
5. Some disabilities can play a part in mental health.
6. If you have a disability and fell into grief about it, you can find the light that can guide you to an open path of acceptance
I would like to create a campaign of awareness, kindness, support, and empathy for disabled people to build hope, happiness, and the respect people with disabilities deserve. Connecting people is essential as there are about one billion people who live with disabilities worldwide - one-seventh of the earth’s population.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Feel free to enjoy the video above!​​​​​​​
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